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The NSS Unit has built a strong bond through community service in the areas of health, crises preparedness, gender sensitization, and building of life-skills, environmental enrichment and conservation.


Click here to view the NSS activity report for academic year  2019-2020


Activities for Year 2018-2019

  • Academic and non academic assistance to students from Ramabai Colony -11/4/2018 to 15/5/2018  

Academic and non academic assistance to students from Ramabai Colony was organised as vacation activity by NSS volunteers in which students were taught the content from their respective academic books for the year 2018-19 about 60 students were benefitted by the activity. Apart from academic part students were taught different aasans, sun salutation and behavioural development themes.


  • A silent March towards excesses over Asifa  killing - 19/4/2018

A silent March towards excesses over Asifa  in which around 35-40 children from Ramabai colony, women and other people have participated. The rally was started with the help of 20 slogans on placards from railway police colony and led to Ramabai colony and the areas of Kamraj nagar and back to colony again where all the members have paid tribute to Asifa by litting candles around 7 pm.


  • Fire drill and demo session in college - 8/6/2018 and 9/6/2018

40 non teaching staff on both the days were trained for fire drill, extinguishing fire and evacuation procedure. The purpose of the program  was to inculcate the professional skills while working in the laboratory.


  • Exhibition of posters on Plastic – 20/6/2018

Exhibition of posters on Plastic in college at 2nd floor , display gallery and college gate. Ban on plastic was imposed by MCGM  hence awareness  exhibition about plastic and its negative impacts was organised for college students. In total there were 60 students who viewed the exhibition which was continued for three days


  • Exhibition on Yog posters near gate in college – 21/6/2018

20 students viewed the exhibition. Demonstration  on yog protocol and sun salutation   was carried out for about one hour  under guidance of Prof D G Phondekar a faculty in the college


  • Yog session in Kalina campus University of Mumbai – 21/6/2018

Practical sessions that is Asanas were done under guidance of experts. Our college students  have participated  in the programme.


  • Session on Addiction Narcotics and Cyber crime – 26/6/2018

Session was planned on account of international anti drug abuse and illicit trafficking day. The session was organised by Anti Narcotics cell and Cyber crime cell and taken by PSI Snehal Belgaokar , API Sachin Kadam . Students from KJSSC , KJSAC as well as  SK Somaiya college  have attended the session.


  • Tree plantation at Mumbra hills – 8/7/2018

15 saplings were planted which included mango , peepal, jack fruit and banyan saplings.


  • World Population Day commomoration series – 11/7/2018

Topic- role of ethics in corporate governance and interview in corporate. Session was taken by  Vijay Joshi and Satish Luman  


  • World population day commomoration series – 12/07/2018

Topic- Cope up with change and corporate governance . Session was taken by Satish Luman and Vijay Joshi


  • World population day commomoration series- 28/07/2018

Session on Down the vagour lane aws organised in which our alumni Shri. Santosh Thandge, Branch manager SBI has interacted with students about their corporate entry.


  • Tree plantation was done in Mumbrahills – 15/07/2018

In total 70 saplings were planted which consist of mango, peepal, banyan, jamun ,neem.  Students from KJSSC  were accompanied by students of Kalsekar college.


  • Tree plantation in Mumbra hills -29/07/2018

114 saplings were planted which consist of jamun,mango,peepal.


  • Rakshabandhan – 26/08/2018

NSS unit of the college organise rakshabandhan to railway police at all railway station  in Mumbai.  This year total 395 rakhis were tied to the campus security guards, Police at different  railway stations and at railway police head quarters in ghatkopar


  • Session on AIDS in MDACS – 29/08/2018

Two volunteers Sakshi Bhalkar and Priya Dwivedi were sent to MDACS for HIV AIDS training.


  • Attending Session on women empowerment in RADAV college – 31/08/2018

The four sessions  pertained to women empowerment  were conducted which included  mental health, menstrual cycle, personality development and time scheduling, social facet of  sexual harassment. Three students Mrunali pawar, Sneha samdade , Shruti mourya  from college have participated in the training programme


  • Participation in competitions based on women empowerment – 01/09/2018

Shruti Mourya from college had participated in open mic competition.


  • LTP camp- 31/08/2018 to 04/09/2018

Miss Zahabia  and Darshana Bhanushali have attended Leadership Training programme  which was organised by nss unit university of Mumbai  for the central suburb zone. Different facets of leadership  skills were trained to them.


  • Bhajan Sandhya at gate way of India – 02/10/2018

Poster exhibition of various topics such as virtual addiction,  railway passenger safety, plastic,  substance abuse,  diabetes, road safety , malaria , dengue , organ donation , water literacy, thoughts of Gandhi ji , swatch bharat , food and nutrition, women respect  was done with the help of posters. Vice Chancellor had visited the exhibition.


  • Examination on Gandhi thoughts -02/10/2018

Gandhi Examination on Gandhi thoughts was organised in collaboration with Mumbai Sarvoday Mandal in which 39 students have appeared in examination with an appreciable performance.


  • Voter ID name inclusion process and ballet list rectification – 09/10/2018

Session by district collector at Kalidas sabhagruh focussing on voter ID name inclusion process and ballet list rectification. Nss unit has conducted a drive in B.ed college, Somaiya vocational training  institute, railway police colony.As adopted area along with our own college students. The programme was scheduled  as generation of awareness and guidance towards inclusion of name in the ballet list, distribution of forms,  getting the form filled and submission to the  representative of central polling station . Up to 31st of October  around 96 forms were submitted to CPS.


  • Navrang session at railway police colony – 10/10/2018 to 17/10/2018

A festival  of women hood is celebrated by conducting  different sessions in railway police colony regarding problems faced by women and how to find solutions over them. Sessions regarding food nutrition, deep silent sleep that is yog nidra, child parenting , stomach related problems , financial literacy, skill building programme which included soap making.


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