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Cultural Activitives 

Cultural Forum is an umbrella committee which takes care of all cultural activities in the College. Cultural activities like Kalankur, Asmita, Saptak are intended to cater towards development of the students through art.

Year 2019-20

K.J. Somaiya College of Science and Commerce team bagged 3rd prize in the finals of Indian Group Singing, 2019 Youth festival among 40 colleges in Maharashtra. The team consisted of following students.

  • Vaibhav More (M.Com.)
  • Kajal Kolekar (M.Sc. Microbiology)
  • Sheba Raju (M.Sc. Chemistry)
  • Harshal Jain (T.Y.B.Com.)
  • Vicky Tiwar (S.Y.B.Sc. Physics-Chemistry)
  • Amruta Bandopadhyay (S.Y. B.Sc. Maths-Stats)


Previous Achievements

In Sakal Karandak competition the one act play performed by students was awarded 1st prize for acting and 2nd for script writing. In 2013-14 and 2014-15, the students have participated in Intercollegiate Youth festival and bagged awards in more than 10 different competitions. The students have also bagged awards in INT, Lokankika (Lokasatta), Rangavardhan, Maharashtra Utsav and many more intercollegiate State level one act play competitions.

Apoorva Padval , Rasika Jadhav from FY B.Sc.IT (2015-16)  received Best Actor prize from  Indian Peoples Theatre Asssociation


48th Intercollegiate Youth Festival (Zone II)



Event Category – Performing Arts (Theater)


Monoacting (Hindi)



One Act Play (Hindi) – “Panchkam”



Skit (Hindi)



Skit (Marathi)


Consolation to finals





Folk Dance (Hojagiri)


Consolation to finals


Event Category – Fine Art


Clay Modeling






Spot photography

Consolation to finals+


Event Category – Literary Art


Elocution B



Event Category – Music


Indian Group Song






Classical Vocal



Indian light Vocal









Year 2016-17

                                           49th YOUTH FESTIVAL,2016  RESULTS


               Students of K J SOMAIYA COLLEGE OF SCIENCE AND COMMERCE participated in 49th Youth Festival, Mumbai University,2016. In which they were selected for finals in the following competitions:-

  1. One act Group A (Marathi)
  2. Skit Group A (Marathi)
  3. One act Group C (Hindi)
  4. Folk dance
  5. Indian group song
  6. Indian Light vocal
  7. Mime
  8. Debate Group B (ENGLISH)
  9. Cartooning
  10. Poster making

                 Students actively participated in finals and won different prizes for college… List of students of various events and their directors, date of the events and the prizes they won are as follows..

  1. Indian Group Song (18th August,2016)     -     2nd prize

Director:- Mayuresh madgaonkar

Name of the students:-

  • Shilpa Nair  (M.Sc)
  • Aishwarya Ghaisas  (T.Y.B.Sc)
  • Tanvi Chavan (T.Y.B.Com)
  • Darshan Bahot (S.Y.Bms)
  • Shraddha Indulkar (S.Y.B.Sc)
  • Shruti Shetty (F.Y.B.Sc)


  1. One Act Group A(Marathi)   (19th August,2016)      -    3rd prize

Director :- Siddarth Salvi


Name of the Students :-

  • Akshay Patil (S.Y.B.Sc) 
  • Apurva Padwal (S.Y - I.T) 
  • Bhavesh chilvery (T.Y.B.Sc) 
  • Rasika Jadhav (S.Y – I.T)
  • Aman agrawal (T.Y.B.Sc)
  • Asha kodag (T.Y.B.Sc)
  • Prasad wandekar (S.Y.B.Sc)
  • Bhavi gori (F.Y.B.Sc)
  • Roshani gori (F.Y.B.Sc)


  1. Mime  (24th August,2016)        -       1st prize

            Director :- Vinayak Said

            Name of the Students:-

  • Devang gala (S.Y –I.T)
  • Shubham sawant (F.Y.B.Sc)
  • Sumit kamble (S.Y – I.T)
  • Ashish jagadale (T.Y.B.Sc)
  • Shruti jadhav (T.Y.B.Sc)
  • Rucha vaidya (F.Y.B.Sc)


  1. SKIT GROUP A (MARATHI)  (26th August,2016 )      -      1st prize

Director:- Siddarth Salvi

Name of the students:-

  • Shubham Sawant (F.Y.B.Sc)
  • Akshay patil (S.Y.B.Sc)
  •  Apurva padwal (S.Y – I.T)
  • Rasika jadhav (S.Y – I.T)
  • Prasad wandekar (S.Y.B.Sc)
  • Kshitija shrungare (S.Y.B.Sc)



  1. INDIAN LIGHT VOCAL (31st August,2016)     -      Consolation Prize

Name of the student:-

  •  Shilpa Nair (M.Sc)   



        Students also won individual prizes for their performances in events.

  1. Akshay Patil won best actor (2nd prize) for One Act Group A.
  2. Apurva Padwal won best actress (2nd prize) for One Act Group A.

Bhavesh chilvery won best actor (consolation) for One Act Group A.



Year 2017-18


In 2017 Cultural group students Bro. Shubham Sawant (S.Y. B.Sc.IT) , Sis. Rucha Vaidya (S.Y.BSc) ,Bro. Vaibhav Khanderao (S.Y. B.com), Bro. Jainam Shah (F.Y. BCAF) , Sis. Swapnali Pawar (F.Y. B.Sc.) and Bro. Devang Gala (T.Y. B.Sc. IT) received silver medal for MIME at Youth Festival.



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